Open Diary – Goa

As one of my close friends has said, a girl’s life is always exciting. And mine is, atleast most of the times. No two days are the same; no two experiences are the same. With that, here’s post #1 of my open diary GOA! A beautiful state with a lot of shady press and beautiful... Continue Reading →


Where women are growing leaps and bounds, a day is not enough to celebrate her. She has to have a week or maybe a year. No, maybe a lifetime. So here’s to celebrating a woman’s life from now to a lifetime. A toast to raise for her power, her quiet strength, her confidence, her strut,... Continue Reading →

Keeping It Clean

“This is the second time something like this has happened!” The expression on my mum’s face was that of disgust and repulsion. Since I had just come in, I had no idea what she was complaining about to my father. And then, when I saw, my expression matched hers. It was the second time this... Continue Reading →

Poetry in my coffee!

So it will come as a surprise to NO ONE, that I love my coffee and coffee shops, STARBUCKS or rather 'KHARBUCKS'. This is a very simply written poetry of how I used to feel about a coffee shop (I KNOW I HAVE ISSUES) but yes, it is about an emotional connect to a place.... Continue Reading →

Just a teacher, not a preacher

I was sitting one day, as my brain overthought simultaneously with running out of ideas and simply happened to make one of my closest friends read through something I wrote. He made me realise that I was being marginally 'preachy' and mentally I took a step back. Hey! I'm no saint and have no intention... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go-stana

It’s a day like any other in my life when I turn and tell my companion, “You know something; let’s switch lives. Or can I just marry you?” He looks at me and looks away again because these are days that people around us are sitting and laughing. Not because switching lives isn’t possible and... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Foodie Fridays! Some people eat to live but my dad has specifically confirmed that I live to eat. And I will not even pretend to deny it! Food has been and still is an extension to who I am. Especially the non-vegetarian part of the culinary world. So what was the chance that... Continue Reading →

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