About – I write to connect, touch, feel.

We all are unique people with different energies and personalities in one. Made of different roles, relations, feelings and experiences.

‘Me’ in the field of work is a multi-experience rich teacher, market researcher, an ardent student of life and dance. Writer by choice and aspiring poet at heart.

Strip what I do aside and I am just a complex girl. Close to God, but not religious. Close to people but not social. Foodie and crazy and not apologetic. Neither modest nor haughty. Simply a complex girl. Sweet and spice and filled with things that are not exactly nice. But I live and learn and attempt to change for the better each day.

But I want my ‘about’ to be about my writing goal and this blog. My writing goal is simply to connect. Not to impress, nor to offend, simply to know. A quest on experiences and share and spread the same wider.

As a teacher of the next generation and student of life, I realise that you never stop learning. You are dead spiritually or mentally the day you stop. With each passing day, I am thirsty to know more, learn more, hear, talk, listen, share more and more. And my goal, God will, will remain the same, till the strength of words and courage to write has my back.

So come and connect, share and experience more. And to connect, we do just one thing, KEEP IT REAL!



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