Mid-Life Passion

“I want to dance” I keep saying this far too often. To too many people,
far too often. To myself, far too often. Yes, I keep saying this far
too often. But did nothing about it. Because you ask? Because 27 (then) was no
age to start dancing. “ Are you crazy?” was the popular reaction. “Is this mid-life
crisis?” I asked myself.

NO! My soul, my passion, my heart answered. This was mid-life passion.
The passion, that was a burning fire in me that I had subdued for
reasons. My education, career, society and family’s happiness. And the
ever-lasting question of every second Indian (this will be repeated
way too many times in my posts) “LOG KYA KAHENGE” (what will people

And slowly, steadily, I did everything that I was passionate about. I
taught because it gave me a chance to never stop learning. Learning
about academics, world, movies, human behavior, the difference in
‘kids then v/s kids now’. I learnt history that I once flunked in,
taught economics that I once scored 4 on 100 in and pushed people to
learn and absorb than learn it like a parrot. Grow as a human being
and not become a robot.

PS: Teachers who once thought I would do nothing with my life, guess
what? I’m doing everything.

I worked as a free-lancer with a company and did a few more
things like wrote content, worked events and did many more things. And then            came the point when I started to realise that I am making a  career but life is still incomplete. Because my passion, namely dance and writing my heart out were untouched. Waiting for me to respond to their call. I was surrounded by my passion but was afraid to embrace. 27 is no age to become a dancer or a writer they said. But I was surrounded by my own insecurities. Where will I dance? What will people say or think? Am I mad? What do I write about? Doodling on tissues at a coffee shop is different than committing to it. The thing that consumed me, also scared me.

And then, my hypocrisy slapped me in the face; I was making my
friends and students do what they loved and was afraid of doing it myself. I was preaching but was afraid of practising. I was succumbing to pressures I so
visually was shunning.Until one fine day, I literally said Goodbye to my fear and took the plunge into my passion. I started dancing AND writing. Confused, scared, at times secretly insecure and hypocritical, I embraced my weakness and my passion. Today!

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s never too late to explore your passion.
Forget what the society says for a minute and choose living over
survival. And living is doing what you have to do to survive PLUS
realizing your passion. It doesn’t have to translate to the public,
just do what you love along with doing what you need to do to survive.
Till your mind and body support you, no one’s support matters more. GO

Also a HUGE THANKS to the one who captured my craziness in this photograph, Jarron Fernandes. Here’s to this and many more! (I can’t believe I am saying this)

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