Change, Perception, Heal!

I choose today to touch lives and repair myself

Those scratches and scars I see

I will love them and balm them

To heal the wounds in me that refuse to even turn into scars


I choose to wake up happy today

Fight for what’s to be fought

Sort all that has to be sort

And embrace the night with a smile

Lose myself in the stars

And forget about my scars


Red, I apologize to you, I saw you in blood

In pain, in scars, in hurt

At times in tired eyes and their tears

Today I see you in the heart

Where you pump life in my body

You who brings colors to my cheeks

And a smile on my lips

I change how I see you

And you will forgive me and show me life


To my readers, moments in life change everything. People in life change everything. Everything changes everything…. Because as they say, nothing is constant but change. Change is scary but beautiful. Start each day, each week, each year with blessed hope. Always, KEEP IT REAL!



PC: Water makes me happy, oceans calm me down. The turmoil, the waves give me answers to questions that I didn’t know I had. Thankyou Elanda Roux for putting my poetry in pictures!

Please follow her work on:



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