She does not drink tea!

The grand daughter was surprised as her frail grand mother said these words to a distant relative who had come to visit the recently ICU discharged lady. The doctors had given up because age was catching up with her and there was not much that could be done now.

How? Just how does a lady in her 80’s, who forgets the names of her daughters, can’t place faces with relation and forgets her own daughter-in-law, remember a mundane thing such as her grand daughter does not have tea. The same grand daughter, about whom she’d complain to anyone who’d listen and her grand daughter who was fed up with the same routine questions that her ageing grandma asked everyday. The grand daughter who was tired of her constant taunts, yet who’d miss her within hours if she was visiting her relative.

Just how complex is this love between the two?

A love where this ageing woman and a teenage girl would verbally war. Yet, on either of their birthdays, the grand daughter would thoughtfully bring lychee milkshake from a coffee shop because her grand mum liked it. And the pure vegetarian grand mum would slyly pay for the chicken lollipops because she knew her grand daughter wouldn’t eat the food cooked at home.

Today we don’t look for these gestures in relationships. We look at the bigger picture, what she gave, what she said and what she did not do take the front seat. No one stops to look at what she gave up, what she did not say and all the ‘small’ things she did do!

This post is maybe just a part of my open diary. But it is also a reminder, that generations change, thought processes change, point of views change, yet the definition of pure care and love does not. The biggest thing anyone can do for you will be that of loving you and like every big thing, it is made up of small small things, in this case gestures and words.

I did not intend on going sentimental but my REAL will never really be REAL till it does not involve one of those few people who made me REAL. I lost my grandma 6 years ago to this day and I know I wouldn’t be who I am or what I am without her.

And yes amma though seldom, I do have tea now! I miss you!

To my readers, always value the person who keeps you grounded and gave you your roots and ideologies! For them, KEEP IT REAL




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