I AM – Hindu, Indian, Ashamed, SORRY!

How do you feel when you compose something dark? Sad? And pray that you never find yourself in that mental space to make it public? That you never feel the need to resonate with it again? The poetry below was written when the plight of ‘Nirbhaya’ had torn through the nation. Her pain had kicked open every door and made us face the truth that we never wish to face or accept.

And yet we are here again. It’s the same angst, the same pain yet again. The same helplessness and the same bitterness. How many episodes of killing our hopes, our dreams, our future, our mind and our bodies will it take, for the people to stop violating us women?

We as individuals can never understand what any of those children, girls, and women went through, and yet as women, we all do understand a fraction of it. Every catcall, every smack and shove on our bodies, we have felt the fear and pain bloom through us. I make this post public with only one prayer; that never again I feel the need to write something like this.

You have seen a part of me,

Not hidden for the world,

But not where you were invited ever

Yet you thought it was your right

Yet you thought you were right

Not knowing the choking feeling that lives in me

Paranoia that is my friend

Looking for death in shadows

Finding life in the dark

I was opening at my own pace

But it was not enough for you

You in the name of culture

Tore me open

And I now stand

Neither withered, nor alive

Neither dead. Just survive

Scream, let out but not escaped,

I feel violated but no one understands

Your eyes are where you need not see,

Your hands are where I need no touch

Open wounds turn toxic

I hate the world, myself and you

But in the name of culture

I will never escape my life,

My death will never escape you


I will not end this with my usual works, because I pray there never is a NEXT TIME. There never is a REAL that is so gruesome. All I have to say is, #JusticeForAsifa and all other girls and women.


PC: Google Images, Unknown


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