I finish my journey as I walk alone!

For a poet, many things serve as inspiration. But sometimes it is also an expression of an emotion. I have been writing for a long time, behind books and papers, on social media sites and many such places. And gathered a rather unusual bunch of people who kept pushing me to put my work out.

One of them, no longer with us, God bless his soul, was my grand-uncle Natesh Nayak, who passed away in March 2013. He always encouraged me and supported my words. This poetry was my homage when he passed away. Even though I hadn’t met him, since we lived in different cities, social media created a connect which was above and beyond everything else. This is my ‘thank you’ and I wish you were here to see me fulfil just one more of my many dreams.

I leave this world as I walk alone,
Moving to a better place as I walk alone,
Taking my life with me, the way I lived,
I finish my journey as I walk alone.

I take with me all my good memories,
Leaving the bad ones behind,
Having my wife, my kids and grandkids,
And a larger family alike.

This journey was long but fulfilling as well,
And it pains me to be leaving it,
But I go to a place where I keep all of you in my heart,
Don’t ever stop believing it.

I smiled till the end, and that is what I expect,
From my family and those near,
I will still be amongst you as an angel,
So for loneliness, why fear?

Please be good after I am gone,
Love, care and share,
You will only have to call my name just once,
In good or bad, I’ll be there.

Cherish my love for life,
And walk the road I’ve shown,
As I walk with the love for me,
I finish my journey alone….


I’d like to finish this with one funda. Live life to the fullest and make sure you pass on with no regrets or ‘I wish’. Be happy, do what you love, stress less and don’t take life so seriously coz no one gets out of it alive anyway.

Until next time, KEEP IT REAL

Picture Credit: Meghna Bhalla (https://www.instagram.com/meghnabhalla/)

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