To live like a river!

Sometimes when you are stuck at one point, either nothing serves as inspiration or everything serves as inspiration. As a spiritual person maybe, for me, nature is probably my biggest strength, motivator and teacher. Past few weeks, as I was stuck with a lack of inspiration to write, I turned towards my first love, the water, the sea. The violent waves taught me something, the still water taught me something else and the almost calm clear blue skies with the beautiful array of colours inspired the poet in me and almost within a few minutes, I wrote this down.

Gushing away,

In free flow,


I hit low,

Identity lost,

I know not where I am,

Aimless and direction less,

In half strength I ran,

A memory pops,

I know I met,

A river unknown,

And then he left,

Time was distant,

When the waters were one,

Now what remains is him,

My half is none,

A stone ahead,

I crash in a wave,

Pain and anger,

Now gone away…


I wouldn’t want to elaborate much on this, as everyone takes away their own thing when reading a poetry. They think their own thing, make their own associations. I would love to hear from you in the comments below as to what you were reminded of when you read this. Or what do you use as your inspiration when you hit low? Do you turn to a thing, a habit, a vice, a routine? I would love to know! Until next time, KEEP IT REAL!


Picture Credits: This is my first collaboration with the beautiful Elanda Roux from as far away as South Africa to my Mumbai, India. Thanks love for this!

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