3 Types of STRESS

“I am so stressed!!!” “What’s wrong?” “Nothing ya. Same old, work stress.” Work stress or personal stress; in the last 5-10 years, the word ‘stress’ has come creeping into our lives and just may have become the most used word in our lives. We use the word on the smallest instance; complain about it every... Continue Reading →


Mid-Life Passion

“I want to dance” I keep saying this far too often. To too many people, far too often. To myself, far too often. Yes, I keep saying this far too often. But did nothing about it. Because you ask? Because 27 (then) was no age to start dancing. “ Are you crazy?” was the popular... Continue Reading →

Change, Perception, Heal!

I choose today to touch lives and repair myself Those scratches and scars I see I will love them and balm them To heal the wounds in me that refuse to even turn into scars   I choose to wake up happy today Fight for what’s to be fought Sort all that has to be... Continue Reading →

She does not drink tea!

The grand daughter was surprised as her frail grand mother said these words to a distant relative who had come to visit the recently ICU discharged lady. The doctors had given up because age was catching up with her and there was not much that could be done now. How? Just how does a lady... Continue Reading →

I finish my journey as I walk alone!

For a poet, many things serve as inspiration. But sometimes it is also an expression of an emotion. I have been writing for a long time, behind books and papers, on social media sites and many such places. And gathered a rather unusual bunch of people who kept pushing me to put my work out.... Continue Reading →

Let’s meet at Kharbucks!

“Welcome to Starbucks” For most, it’s just a greeting. Yet when I step into one of ‘my’ bucks, I know I am really welcome. Whether it is the one in Khar or Linking Road, Bandra; the staff makes me feel welcome. The atmosphere warm, the vibe welcoming. They know my coffee and they know how... Continue Reading →

Open Diary – Perfectly Imperfect

Disappointed! This was the first emotion I felt today morning. I woke up feeling things which felt a lot like guilt, I was even slightly berating myself. Eventually pushing it all aside, I got ready to hit work. Pushing myself, I dressed up to make myself feel better. I looked in the mirror and complimented myself... Continue Reading →

To live like a river!

Sometimes when you are stuck at one point, either nothing serves as inspiration or everything serves as inspiration. As a spiritual person maybe, for me, nature is probably my biggest strength, motivator and teacher. Past few weeks, as I was stuck with a lack of inspiration to write, I turned towards my first love, the... Continue Reading →

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